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With this Brake Evaluation Service, You Can Enjoy Superior Control While Driving. Ensure the safety of you and your loved ones with proper care of your car brakes. If your car squeaks grinds or makes noises while stopping, stop into one of our Sears Auto Centers for a brake evaluation. One of our certified technicians will perform an evaluation of all four wheels and their brake parts and test drive your car to try and replicate the problem. Should your vehicle need brake work is done and you have the service performed by Sears Auto Center, we will credit the cost of the brake evaluation back to you.

Car is taken for a test drive to replicate problems. All four wheels and brake components are dismantled so our technicians check component specifications and thoroughly diagnose the problem. Results are documented on a Quality Service Evaluation and shared with you.

Estimated Time

2:00 Hours

Estimated Price

15 $

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Work Process

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